Alpacas at Paca Paradise Ranch

For the love of alpacas!

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Sold Huacaya Alpacas

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Cria Female

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Paca Paradise Clover Honey Huacaya Cria Female Light Fawn 4 yrs Sold

Yearling Female

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
PACAPARADISE Champagne Huacaya Yearling Female Light Fawn 2 yrs Sold

Open (Female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Paca Paradise Manchita Huacaya Open (Female) Beige, Medium Fawn, Dark Fawn, Light Brown 8 yrs Sold
Paca Paradise Zsa Zsa Ador Huacaya Open (Female) Beige 9 yrs Sold
PACAPARADISE AMERIKAN GLORY Huacaya Open (Female) Beige 6 yrs Sold
PACAPARADISE Arwyn Huacaya Open (Female) White, Light Fawn, Medium Fawn 2 yrs Sold
PacaParadise Peruvian Maybelle Huacaya Open (Female) Medium Fawn 9 yrs Sold
Pacaparadise Peruvian Symphony Huacaya Open (Female) Dark Fawn 6 yrs Sold
PacaParadise Princess Buttercup Huacaya Open (Female) White 8 yrs Sold
PacaParadise Tronador's Khaleesi Huacaya Open (Female) White 8 yrs Sold
Perfection's Blossom of Snow Huacaya Open (Female) White 18 yrs Sold
Peruvian Black Olive Huacaya Open (Female) True Black 21 yrs Sold
POLARIS' ACCOYO BONNIEBELLE Huacaya Open (Female) White 12 yrs Sold
Pparadise Peruvian Abrielle Huacaya Open (Female) White 11 yrs Sold
PTD MacDuff's Peruvian Harmony Huacaya Open (Female) Dark Brown, Bay Black 14 yrs Sold
SOPRANO'S BRINGIN SEXYBACK Huacaya Open (Female) White 14 yrs Sold
Tronador's Justador-able Huacaya Open (Female) White 10 yrs Sold

Bred (Female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Amerikan Freedom Huacaya Bred (Female) White 10 yrs Sold
Gemstate's Ambrite Silk Huacaya Bred (Female) Dark Fawn 9 yrs Sold
GLACIAL STORM'S PERUVIAN GUINEVERE Huacaya Bred (Female) Light Fawn 15 yrs Sold
IAOC PERUVIAN PRECIOUS Huacaya Bred (Female) Light Fawn 18 yrs Sold
Paca Paradise Kashmina Huacaya Bred (Female) White 8 yrs Sold
Paca Paradise River Song Huacaya Bred (Female) Light Brown 10 yrs Sold
PacaParadise Jade Princess Huacaya Bred (Female) White 11 yrs Sold
PACAPARADISE SONNET Huacaya Bred (Female) White 8 yrs Sold
PACAPARADISE TRONADOR'S CAPRI Huacaya Bred (Female) White 8 yrs Sold
PATAGONIA'S LAURETTA Huacaya Bred (Female) Medium Fawn 11 yrs Sold
PPARADISE GLITZ N GLAMOUR Huacaya Bred (Female) Beige 12 yrs Sold
PPARADISE IDALIA Huacaya Bred (Female) Light Brown 11 yrs Sold
Skyline's Sapphire Huacaya Bred (Female) True Black 12 yrs Sold
Snowmass Lady Liberty Huacaya Bred (Female) Beige 18 yrs Sold
Studmaster Peruvian Impact's Shasta Daisy Huacaya Bred (Female) White 18 yrs Sold


Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
PPRA Tronador's Peruvian Winterfell Huacaya Male White 6 yrs Sold

Herdsire (Male)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Felicia's X-Factor Huacaya Herdsire (Male) Dark Fawn 9 yrs Sold
PACAPARADISE AMERIKAN HERO Huacaya Herdsire (Male) White 7 yrs Sold
Snow Diamond Beaujolais Huacaya Herdsire (Male) Medium Brown 7 yrs Sold